At DM Exterior Wash, we provide a complete house washing service in Wellington, the Hutt Valley and all across the lower North Island. We can clean all commercial and residential buildings., and you can view some of our work here.

house washing

What does DM Exterior Wash do?

DM Exterior Wash is a division of DeMoss Roofing Ltd (LBPs), which specialises in all roof and gutter cleaning and repairs and works throughout the lower North Island. Our two client-focused operations allow us to provide a complete top to bottom exterior cleaning service to commercial and residential clients.

What’s wrong with grime, mould, salt deposits on my home?

Increasingly, manufacturers and insurers are requiring proof of regular surface cleans as a condition of warranty coverage.

Do you think a dirty, surface-oxidised, building is really worth the same as a pristine, sparkling investment? (Ask a friendly real estate agent!)

Leave any or all of these culprits on your home or commercial building and not only do they look bad but they reduce the value of your investment and, if not removed, will keep on attacking your building and pocket.

We are experienced experts in cleaning:

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find out more about House Washing

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